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Headshot Orders
  • How long does an order take to process?

    Depending on the product, It usually takes 3-5 business days to complete an order. An additional 1-4 business days for shipping in general, depending on where you live and which shipping option you choose.

    Do you charge a set-up fee for headshot?

    No, we don’t charge a set-up fee or any other hidden fees for all our orders.

    What if I want to cancel my order?

    If the order hasn’t been printed yet then there’s a $20 cancelation fee to cancel your order. There are no refunds for approved order.

    Can I pay over the phone?

    Yes, while we prefer you enter your payment information on our site, we can take phone payment.

    How long do you keep my order on file?

    We keep orders on file for 6 months. All orders older than 6 months get deleted from our records.

    Can I you design my product for me?

    Yes. Our graphic designers are available to work with you on any of your custom projects for an hourly rate.

    Can I come in to King Tut in person to meet with the designer?

    YES. You’re welcome to sit down with the designers to discuss or work on your project at the same hourly rate.

    Can submit my REPROGRAPHIC order on line?

    YES. Feel free to upload you Reprographic file to “” 

    Color or Black and white.