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Who does design work for printing?

BookletsThe amount of design work we do here at King Tut Printing in Canoga Park always amazes me. Customers from Chatsworth, Woodland Hills even Calabasas come to us for custom design work. Whether it’s for business cards and office supplies or for sales brochures and flyers, our design guys can help you with that special project or updating your existing printed items.

King Tut has designed and printed sales brochures, sales hand outs, price lists and catalogs. Our designers can take you ideas and match them to your special needs. It doesn’t really take a large design budget to get great results in your printing. Have one of our team help you get the custom look you need. Just call and schedule a time to sit down with us to get your project rolling.


Small Run Carbonless Forms

Color-NCRHere at King Tut Printing, in Canoga Park, we’ve had folks ask for carbonless forms (also know as NCR’s) in small runs. Or they’ve asked for them numbered and in color. In the past that’s been a problem for us. 

Those type of items usually need to be in runs of at least 2000 to be cost effective and for a lot of small business that’s a really big quantity. So, we went out and got a new printer that can do a lot of great things. First,it can run smaller batches of carbonless forms. 2,3 or 4 pages. Numbered or not. It can produce them with color logos if needed. It can also print full 4 color envelopes by the box. 

In Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, and Chatsworth, we seem to be the only place to do that at an affordable rate. This new printer is really a game changer for business to business printing. Now your envelopes can tell your story every time you mail out an invoice or statement for pennies a piece. Of course we can still do large runs if you need them, they’ll just look better now! Ask for a quote or swing by KTP here in the west valley with a sample and we’ll make your business look like a million bucks!


Where Do I Find Color Reprographics in Canoga Park… West Valley?


We’ve done standard, black and white reprographics here in  Park for years here at King Tut Printing in Canoga Park. We’ve had our clients from all over Woodland Hills and Chatsworth even Calabasas  use our industry standard Oche printer / scanner  for their builder, architect, designer and contractor needs for 20 years.

But we were recently at a trade show and saw the new HP Full Color WIDE Format printer and knew we had to get one.

This new printer is capable of printing not only full color reprographics for professionals, it can also do full color scans of posters, pictures, plans or anything else up to 36″ wide for anyones project. It can print posters and banners from 36″ wide to 9 feet! If you have a favorite old movie poster that’s seen it’s better days, bring it in for a scan and reprint. If you have a sales project that needs custom printed posters or banners this new HP printer will amaze you.

Professionals that have ongoing needs can e mail their files to us and have them ready for pick up. We can do billing and delivery may be arranged for large volume accounts. From Chatsworth, Canoga Park and Woodland Hills, KTP offers full service wide format printing done quickly, professionally and at competitive prices. 

Come in and see how great these prints are!